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23 jun
Two series of works in dialogue dating from 2006 and 2016; two studios far apart ...
24 aug
Iconographic Dialogues is an exhibition that aims to show multiple perspectives ...
22 sep
The 6th edition of LUMINA Light Festival will take place from 22nd to 24th of ...


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Exhibition of Moroccan Rugs: A Grammar of Sounds and Silences

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3,00 €

Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália
Parque Marechal Carmona
2750-319 Cascais

As part of the “Morocco in Cascais" event, the exhibition “Moroccan Rugs: A grammar of sounds and silences” is still under way at the Condes Castro Guimarães Museum. On display are 19 rugs that highlight and promote the great diversity of the art of Moroccan rug-making and illustrate the “know how” of four different regions of Morocco.
Cost: 3,00€ 
Organization: Câmara Municipal de Cascais | Embaixada do Reino de Marrocos

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